Review of<em> Integrating behavioral health into the medical home: A rapid implementation guide</em>.

Reviews the book, Integrating Behavioral Health into the Medical Home: A Rapid Implementation Guide by Kent A. Corso, Christopher L. Hunter, Owen Dahl, Gene A. Kallenberg, and Lesley Manson (see record 2016-51034-000). This practical how-to book is written specifically for an audience working to implement integrated primary care (IPC) from the ground up, moving beyond the clinical competencies required for success in these settings to the business operational requirements to facilitate implementation. The book is divided into three sections, beginning with an introduction to key concepts and tools for successfully IPC practices. Section II is focused on the business practices needed for success, including strategic plan development, return on investment analyses, business cases analyses, hiring, billing, personnel training, and outcome monitoring. The last section is a series of case studies of successful programs from Cherokee Health Systems to Intermountain Health. This is particularly priceless because it provides evidence that IPC can thrive in a multitude of diverse settings, describing practical guidance of what to do and what to avoid. The authors, with more than 84 years of combined IPC experience, offer the reader sage advice, which can be applied readily. Each chapter begins with a Bottom Line, Up Front section, offering bulleted points of specific direction for the lay reader hoping to advance their journey into integration. A nice bonus surprise to the book is the wittiness of this esteemed group, offering refreshing pieces of humor, which is welcomed when thinking through the specific demands of IPC implementation. The book is also an excellent resource manual to delve more deeply into the IPC literature, with each chapter providing a host of references for further study. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2019 APA, all rights reserved)