Guide: Islamophrenia, The Mental Illness of Muslims

Islamophrenia is a mental illness of all Muslims and is a form of dementia (a group of psycho-internally [that is, within a person] unstoppable [by the person with the symptoms] thinking and social symptoms that interferes with daily functioning).  This interference takes a range of forms; for example, from Muslims cursing non-Muslims to Muslims killing non-Muslims.  The key feature of islamophrenia is lack of a faculty of rational judgment.  For example:

A ten-year-old girl is starving to death then loses control and steals an apple.  Then, ignoring her starvation and loss of control, Muslims cut off one of her hands.

Note that if severe symptoms (like killing non-Muslims) are psycho-internally (that is, within a person) stoppable (by the person with the severe symptoms) then the person is not suffering from severe islamophrenia.  In this case, if extreme acts, like killing non-Muslims, are committed, the islamophrenic person is also a wicked, vile human being.